Thai Factories to Embrace Smart Safety Technology to the Industries

March 23, 2022

Under the Memorandum of Cooperation: Strengthening the Smart Industrial Safety in Thailand between Ministry of Industry Thailand and Ministry of Economics, Trade and Investment (METI) Japan, Department of Industrial Work (DIW) will accelerate the use of digital technology in industrial factories and work on legal adjustment to keep up with the changes. 

With the direction to promote smart safety technology, DIW will encourage the use of sensor devices, internet of things (IoTs), and big data processing to regulate industrial factories.  As such, it will reduce the workload of factories inspection and enhance the use of digital technology in production for industrial factories.

In line with “Strengthening the Smart Industrial Safety” collaboration between METI and DIW, “MRA Industrial Safety 2022” scheduled for September 14-16, 2022 will showcase latest innovation, cutting-edge technologies and solutions to enhance industrial safety standard. Aside, the event will provide excellent opportunity for business leaders, innovation & technology providers and industry professionals to exchange ideas, knowledge and network.

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